By the Charcoal Fire...

By the Charcoal Fire...

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

And One Becomes Two...

Reading the Gospel for Sunday 12th July (Mark 6:7-13) I initially skipped past the first line. Kind of like skipping past the opening credits of a movie or the preface of a book - I know it's there but it's better to get to the main event quicker - isn't it?

Not this time. Because two words have stayed with me since Sunday - "in pairs". Jesus sends out the disciples on mission in pairs. They are not to take bread or haversacks or purses - they are to travel light! But they are to take each other, to go with each other. Not alone. Two by two.

God knows we are social creatures - He created us to be like that from the very outset - it is not good for us to be alone. In His love for us, God sends the disciples out in pairs. We too are disciples. We do not walk alone or minister in our own little silos.

I believe that's why the Sacrament of Reconciliation needs two people - penitent and priest. Jesus knew that we open much more, relate much more to another person.  Difficult as it is to confess one's sins in the presence of another person, I imagine it would be much more empty, more empty-ing to do so alone, to some vague notion of a power "up there in the sky". If we did it alone, how we would miss the great blessing of those words - "Your sins are forgiven."

And we have access to the greatest pairing of all time - you and I share in the very divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ. Divinity and humanity. You and God. God and me. Body and Blood. Distinct, not separate. Never alone. Through Him, with Him, in Him.

Who is alone in your life? Maybe it's time for us to reach out and help make one become two.

We are more whole when we give of ourselves.

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